Ideas for Fitting a Kitchen Island

If you are constantly running out of work and storage space in the kitchen yet you have adequate floor space, fitting a kitchen island is the solution to limited counter space and storage. Kitchen islands are available nowadays in different styles and designs from ready made to portable kitchen islands, carts to meet the needs of every kitchen.

kitchen-center-islands-with-seatingHow to Fit a Kitchen Island
• Obtain Measurements
You need to get the measurements of the available kitchen space to determine the dimensions of the kitchen island that you require. Keep in mind the amount of space you need to operate other appliances such as the dishwasher, fridge or oven. There should be free space between the kitchen island and other structures and appliances of about 3ft.
• Select Materials
Decide whether you desire the kitchen island finish to contrast or blend with the cabinets. You can opt for either rugged solid wood or a cheaper less durable alternative.
• Select Countertop
People who love baking must consider fitting a kitchen island because of the extra countertop space it provides. Granite and marble are smooth and natural materials which make them the best countertops for rolling pastry for baking. Even though the marble stands out in terms of beauty, it easily stains which makes it unsuitable for preparing foods that leave behind stains, for instance, homemade sauces. The solution for most chefs is to use butcher blocks. Laminate or steel are the most affordable and versatile alternatives.
• Assess Features
The kitchen islands have different features such storage drawers, cabinets, open shelves, wine racks etc. below the countertop. Depending on the kitchen space the cart might also feature be an end towel rack. According to this electrical contractor Most kitchen islands today have power outlets, however, the island must be plugged in from the main kitchen outlet. For particularly small kitchen the island might featuportable-kitchen-islands-for-small-kitchensre a drop-leaf top.

• Evaluate Portability
Do you need a portable kitchen island or a stationary one? Movable kitchen carts on lockable casters are ideal for small kitchens due to their ease of relocation. For larger kitchens, a fixed and stable kitchen island is the best for adding bar stools.