Green the Greens!

home-repairIt is common to say that the grass is greener in the neighbor’s lawn, it shouldn’t be. Share the same sight by taking advantage of the secrets we will be telling you.

And this doesn’t mean a costly lawn service provider nor a sprinker systems that’s very technology driven.

Do not water everyday. Apart from saving on water costs, watering only once or twice a week forces the grass roots to dig deeper as they thirst for water. The longer roots then serve a lawn well on the hottest summer months and times of drought. Wilting signs is even a good indication as when they show this slightest sign, only then should you turn on the sprinkler to wet the roots area. The grass needs about 2.5 to 4 centimeters of water a week only for its root zone. This method assures a greener grass.

The use of a rain gauge or a bucket is a good way of measuring how long the sprinkler takes to get an inch deep of water.

Mulching is highly advised. Never discount your clippings, collect them and never throw them out. If your mower has a mulch option, use it. The sheared grass will help in fertilizing your lawn. Short grass clippings decompose and feed your lawn. A 3 months worth of clippings is equivalent to around 3 pounds of nitrogen. This covers half of what is needed by your lawn for an entire season.

homeimprovementSetting up a timer is a good way of doing a 5am soaking your lawn activity. It is said that at such time is the best hour to water the lawn. The grass gets a good soaking and you won’t lost much water to evaporation when the sun shines. By washing away the dew of early morning, fungal diseases are done away with. Dew is considered highly as a fungus breeding ground.

Next is soil aeration. It is a simple concept. Drill little holes, lots of them, in your yard to make oxygen flow in and out of the soil. Better access is given to the grass for water and nutrients. Consider how busy your lawn is, do you get a lot of traffic of people? This is to be considered as busy lawns get compacted and chokes grass roots. There is a need to aerate once a year.

Better do it in fall, which is best, and in spring. It will most likely take you a day to do it all around, pulling soil plugs of 3 centimeters deep, but there is great payoff in return.

Fertilizing needs to be down with precision. Doing too less or too much are not good. There should be no room for mistakes. Do not guess but do the math. Too little is just like not doing it at all. It is a waste of time and money. Too much literally kills all living things on that patch of earth. By doing the calculations specified in the bag, you would know how much fertilizer you will need.

seattle-dyi-paintingLook for options that have at least 35 percent in slow release. This means that the total nitrogen content is water soluble. It does cost a bit more, but it will keep the greens greener in the long run with its slow release properties..

Blade length matters too. By setting your mower blade into 6 to 7.5 centimeters, considered in most as the highest setting, it keeps grasses longer. Longer grass means roots that are in place deeper. This gives your lawn better access to water and nutrients.

By doing all these secrets, you are guaranteed to look at your property greener than those of the neighbors.